Snapchat Comes With a new Feature: Lets Subscribers choose when their stories expire


Snap has come up with a number of features for its Snapchat+ subscription app, including a new “Story Expiration” feature, and with custom notification sounds, camera borders and more. The Story feature looks useful, and appears designed to tempt hardcore users to sign up for the $4 per month service.

With story expiration, subscribers can choose to let their stories expire for lengths of time between one hour and one week. That could allow creators to, say, draw interest with a short story, or let one stay for a longer period to draw the more eyeballs. As it stands now, all stories expire after 24 hours and must be saved or they’ll be gone for good.

It’s only been a few months since the release of Snapchat Plus, but what might come as a surprise is that the paid subscription service currently has over a million users. While the app usually provides general updates, it has been more aggressive lately, focused on providing value for its paid subscribers by debuting new features on a monthly basis.

Last month, Snapchat added new iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets, along with Chat Shortcuts, and opened up Snapchat for Web for all users. Previously, the latter service was only available to Plus subscribers. If any of these sound interesting, give Snapchat a try on iOS or Android. You can also subscribe to Snapchat Plus, which is now available in 170 countries. But it will cost an extra $3.99 per month.

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