Madonna licks water out of the dog bowl, look how her fan reacts

Madonna left fans disgusted after she appeared to be lick water out of a dog bowl in a bizarre video posted to Instagram.

The ‘Vogue’ singer took the use of social media app to share a video of herself posing sexually with various objects, before sparking outrage with her “disgusting” act.

In an Instagram Reel posted on November 9, Madonna appeared for the photos in her neon green sweater, parkly booty shorts, tights and thigh-high boots.

While the photos were seeming to be quite normal, but things took a weird turn when she then began posing suggestively with a sriracha and mustard bottle.

But then comes very disturbing visuals as fans were mostly disturbed when a break in the midset of her slideshow cut to a clip of her leaning down for a drink in a silver dog bowl inside a garage.

Here are some reactions from Madonna’s fans:

“You are at it again! What is this? Its so sad to see you destroy the Iconic Madonna Style!” one fan commented. “Im sorry I have been your fan since I was a kid.. and I just cannot accept this garbage style.”

“Come on, that’s disgusting. Think about it, you got kids. You were way better when you were younger,” another wrote.

“It’s getting more and more embarrassing. It’s not easy to be your fan anymore,” a third shared.

“She’s gone mad. A shame, I adored her when she was making fun music,” someone else added.

The Instagram video comes just a week after Madonna went viral with a bizzare TikTok post. In the clip, the pop icon filmed herself lip-syncing to violent lyrics, which left fans concerned for her well being.

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