macOS Ventura to launch with ipad OS16 on October 24 — everything you need to know

Apple today announced that macOS Ventura will be available on Monday, October 24, the same day that iPadOS 16.1 will be available to iPad customers.

macOS Ventura‌ is a notable update for the Mac, bringing new features such as Stage Manager, a new Clock and Weather app, and updates to core system apps like Messages and Safari. System Settings, previously known as System Preferences, has also been completely redesigned to make it more in line with the design on iOS and iPadOS. For a full breakdown of everything new in ‌macOS Ventura‌, see our roundup.

Overview: macOS Ventura familiarizes the Mac

Believe it or not, perhaps my favorite change in macOS Ventura is the new System Settings app, which is probably the 2022 feature I use the most. While many people might not care about it, I appreciate how it has become an advanced reflection of iPadOS settings. On Monterey, the System Preferences app simply felt out of place, an intruder that didn’t belong on the great Mac following the Big Sur era. The Mac is now all about simplicity; you can get more done through friendlier user interfaces and experiences, and the Settings needed to reflect that.

For those unfamiliar with Monterey, its System Preferences app had a dated design that hadn’t been properly refreshed in years. The icons weren’t as minimalistic, and navigating through the different sections wasn’t as straightforward. Now the layout is more intuitive to use thanks to its similarities with iPadOS.

The System Settings app may not have introduced any new notable functionality, but the new paint job makes it blend in better with the rest of macOS. Apple has moved around some sections, so you might need to get used to them at first. However, once you adapt to the changes, it should all make sense.

I particularly appreciate the System Settings overhaul in Ventura because I spend a lot of time in this app. If you’re wondering why, it’s because I spend hours every week preparing for and writing the tutorials and content you read here. That’s not to mention needing to navigate to the Software Update section almost every single week to download and install the latest macOS beta build available. That’s why this change has really impacted me and is arguably one of the biggest Ventura improvements

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